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Triple-S Panther 17C Auto Scrubber, 1/Ea.

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  • Category: Rasco New
  • Contact: Rasco Janitorial Supply @ (303) 363-6000
  • Location: Rasco Janitorial Supply, 3198 Nome Street, Aurora Co 80010

Item Number: 86004

Compact, agile electric scrubber with 17 inch cleaning path. Graduated brush reduces spray while squeegee and vacuum mechanics leave floor dry every time. 82-foot safety orange cord for extended cleaning reach. 13-gallon solution and recovery tanks are the perfect size for small to medium size spaces. Large tank opening with smooth sides makes clean up fast and easy. Simple controls make it reliable and easy to use by anyone. Front fill port with cover can be filled via a bucket or hose. Pad assist drive system makes it easy to use. 8-inch wheels for easy maneuverability. 10 volts at less than 15 amps. Two stage vacuum motor leaves the floor clean, dry and safe.