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Envirox E2B2 Dispenser for #117

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  • Category: Rasco New
  • Contact: Rasco Janitorial Supply @ (303) 363-6000
  • Location: Aurora, CO

Amazing results:

EnvirOx’s E2B2™ dispensing system delivers simplicity, savings, and amazing results!

  • Delivers one product at two dilutions = 95% of all cleaning.
  • The easy-to-use dispensing system is color-coded for quick training.
  • Easy bottle loading.
  • ASSE 1055B-certified backflow prevention.
  • Two dilutions, high- and low-flow dispensing for bottles, buckets, and auto-scrubbers.
  • Small footprint — 9.5"w x 18"h (empty)
  • Reusable, high-quality DEMA® construction.