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Essential Industries 'X-Coat Nano HS' Extreme Floor Finish

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  • Location: Aurora, CO


Incorporates patented nano-zinc technology for a more thorough and denser cross-linking of finish. The High Solids formula (25%) offers greater protection with fewer coats. This finish should be burnished a minimum of 3 times per week to get the true look and benefit of this superior floor finish. If you don't believe you will, then take a look at our Nanoforce floor finish. Rule of Thumb: Only put down up to 100% of the total solids content in any 24 hour time period. IE if you have a 20% finish 5 up to 5 coats, 25% 4 Coats, 27% no more than 3 coats. Thoroughly neutralize, clean, and burnish if you come back to add more coats after the 24hr waiting period.