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BonnetPro Bonnet Wash


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  • Location: Aurora

Bonnet Wash bonnet cleaning detergent with 'ProFresh' is specifically formulated for cleaning heavily soiled bonnets with institutional-grade cleaners, brighteners, enzymes, and fresheners. This triple strength formula contains more than three times the cleaning force compared to conventional laundry detergents. Bonnet Wash is a unique aqueous laundry detergent for cleaning carpet bonnets. It is formulated to remove dirt, oil, and grease from cotton, wool & synthetic bonnets. Bonnet Wash with ProFresh uses some of the purest cleaning ingredients to provide excellent cleaning power, leaving bonnets feeling soft and smelling fresh. Fast rinsing and does not leave any residual. One gallon of Bonnet Wash can clean up to 384 bonnets. At 2 ounces of product and six bonnets per load, that's only 6.5 cents per bonnet or just under 39 cents per load. Plus, not only do they come out clean, but they're also lightly scented with Profresh! Take only clean, fresh-smelling bonnets into your customers' homes or businesses!

BONNET CARE INSTRUCTIONS: MUST WASH & DRY BEFORE USE Launder the same day when pads are wet from carpet cleaning with BONNET WASH, laundry bonnet detergent from Bonnet Pro. Use 2 – 4 ounces of BONNET WASH per load. Fill your front load machine to the highest water setting. Set the preferred temperature of the water and wash on the heavy soil setting. Machine dry when finished. Trim pulls or loose fibers as needed. Running over doorway thresholds or against wall corners will shorten life and damage the bonnet. Do not wash with other types of bonnets, especially those with scrubbing strips, as these may cause shedding in the washer.