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Triple-S Portable Battery Powered Handheld Sprayer


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  • Location: Aurora, CO


More efficient than the traditional trigger sprayer and bottle. Simple one-finger activation releases spray. Eliminates repetitive motion of squeezing a trigger sprayer. Ensures chemical is always being applied.

  1. Compatible with general-purpose cleaners and disinfectants.
  2. Quiet operation
  3. Adjustable spray from fine mist to stream
  4. Lightweight, one-hand operation
  5. Multiple position spray
  6. Attractive translucent bottle constructed of durable polyethylene plastic
  7. Safety lock prevents the chemical from sprayed when not in use
  8. 1000 mL (33.8 oz) capacity
  9. Requires 2 AA batteries – 15 cycles (15 bottle refills)
  10. Great for schools, retail, offices, municipalities, restaurants, and contractors.

Pricing and Availability The SSS S1 Portable Battery-Operated Handheld Sprayer (#92001), packed 6/cs