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Nacecare TGB516


  • Category: Rasco New
  • Contact: Rasco Janitorial Supply @ (303) 363-6000
  • Location: Rasco Janitorial Supply, 3198 Nome Street, Aurora, CO 80010

With 45–60 minutes of run time an interchangeable battery pack and 5-gallon solution capacity, the TTB 516 is the professional choice in compact auto-scrubbers. It gets into all those tight areas that other auto-scrubbers cannot. Essentially, it is a complete replacement for a mop and bucket system for so many reasons.

Key Features

Pivoting squeegee coupled with a 300-watt/0.4 hp vacuum motor provides excellent water recovery. Recovery tank has a drain allowing for easy draining without the need for lifting. Control panel provides operator with water, vacuum and battery status all in one convenient place. The battery pack consists of a 1 x 12 volt 18 amp hour environmentally preferred gel battery that charges in under 5 hours. It is completely maintenance free, emits 1/40 of the hydrogen gas of wet lead acid batteries, is spill-proof and can be charged anywhere. Fits into the trunk of a car.

$3,090.00 includes delivery and an extra "Promotional Offer" Battery. Giving you an 1.5hr to 2hrs of run time!