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Rasco.Rental 20" Square Scrub

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  • Rasco ID Tag: Rental_5
  • Rating: 3 Stars
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  • Location: Aurora

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The Square Scrub floor preparation machine is everything you need to keep all your floor surfaces clean and polished. With the help of this incredibly versatile floor unit, you will be able to clean almost every floor surface with just one powerful machine. It's great for covering everything from uniform surfaces to uneven floors due to its pivoting head that allows the unit to move freely. The head also has excellent front-to-back and side-to-side weight distribution due to the machine's floating design. The removable weights even let you customize the pressure for different flooring types, so you can have maximum control no matter the surface. Additionally, the 6" x 2" non-marking ball bearings and 3/4" axle allow for excellent mobility when not scrubbing.