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Tolco Mr. Scrubby 3/PK


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  • Location: Rasco Janitorial Supply, 3198 Nome Street, Aurora, CO 80010

Mr. ScrubbyTM is a revolutionary new scrubber that remains firm in cold water, becomes soft in hot water, does not scratch most surfaces, cleans amazingly, and holds no odors. Mr. Scrubby’s amazing scrubbing power virtually eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

Mr. Scrubby is NOT a sponge. It is made of polyurethane in a manner that produces a semi-closed cellular structure. This unique structure allows for aggressive, non-abrasive scrubbing while preventing food and debris from being trapped. Simply rinse in warm water and gently squeeze to work the debris out of Mr. Scrubby and eliminate odors. You can use mild detergent or wash in the top rack of a dishwasher. It will air dry in about an hour.

While Mr. Scrubby is tough on grime without the use of harsh chemicals, it is also safe to use with quats and even bleach. Prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals may shorten the durability of Mr. Scrubby.

Safe for use on most hard surfaces... Metal Glass Porcelain Counter tops Pots & Pans Tubs & Showers Non-Stick Cookware Automotive finishes Stainless Steel Wood Plastic Try in an inconspicuous area first if you have any concerns